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Bow of the Wilds - A D&D 5e Weapon that Unleashes Bestial Power with Each Shot

Hello everyone,

The bow should be very rare, not rare.

This very well-known card from MtG always felt cool to me, and I wanted to make an item for it, and since I'm working on a compendium that focuses on forests this felt like it would fit right at home.

I wanted to add even more animals, but the bow is already quite versatile as is. I also wanted to make it as an evolving weapon, whereas you level up, you unlock more and more spirit animals, but at that point it might as well be its own subclass, so I'm not sure.

I also created 2 more items, the heart of thorns and the Pack leader's necklace, which you can find on Patreon. (alongside 600 pages of D&D content)

More free content on r/MonkeyDM



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