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Clockwork Catastrophe - Free level 1 Adventure for D&D 5e

You Have a Train to Catch With Destiny !

Clockwork Catastrophe is a beginner-friendly Fifth Edition adventure optimised for three to six characters of 1st level. Full of gnomes, gold, guards, adventures, flashy NPCs and bad puns !

Perfect to introduce friends to D&D !

Grab it ready to play on Roll20 Here

Download Maps & Tokens here:

Now is a time for exploration, adventure and bad decisions. In this One-Shot you'll find pages upon pages of pure adventuring goodness, peppered with unique random encounters (even in a train with the famous Waleb Cadoghast), this adventure will take your players through deserts and clockwork automations. It's a low level adventure on purpose, easy to role play and enjoy the combat in.

This adventure is mostly meant for new DMs and Players, but everyone is welcomed to enjoy it.

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