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Corrupted Monsters: A Monster Compendium + Free 35 Page Adventure for D&D 5e

Hello everyone, monkey here.

Recently I was tasked to write an adventure for busy people, that cannot meet up every week for it ended up being 35 pages long, and it was super fun to playtest. I’ve had to create a lot of monsters to fit the theme of said adventure. Some of them are entirely unique, some you might recognise from previous compendiums of mine.

I’ve compiled all the monsters in this neat document for you to enjoy :) (I’ve also added a fun encounter from the adventure)

Now about the adventure it starts at level 11 and level quickly following this scheme:

  • End of Session 1: Level 12

  • End of Session 2: Magic Items

  • End of Session 3: Level 13

  • End of Session 4: Catharsis after some awesome D&D

It includes a system of fast levelling and intense emotional punches to compress the experience of a full campaign in only 4 sessions of 3-5 hours each.

Let’s say that life is preventing you from meeting up to play DnD on the regular. Perhaps you get to play once a month, or perhaps you only have 3 weeks in the year this summer to play D&D. Well this adventure is perfect for you ! You can get it for free by clicking here!

Plot Hook

The heroes herald from the land of Bricia (or whatever land your world has). Back home a war that has lasted for centuries is raging, shattering the continent. The violent abuse of magic and weapons has destroyed the lands, rendering most of them sterile. Starvation, pain and death is the only future that await the Brician folks. Yet all is not grim and a glimmer of hope remains still.

The main government has secretly financed expeditions, in the hopes of finding new land, where the populace could survive. One such expedition was a success, uncharted territory was discovered, but has yet to be explored. The heroes have been selected to explore that land, they are old war heroes, retired soldiers, or hopeful souls. No matter their background, they have one thing in common: the fate of their kin resting on their shoulders.

If you want to grab the adventure for free, get it by clicking here!

Take care !

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This is really cool. I think the foul beasts are really awesome, and the corrupted crystals are really cool too.

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