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Curse of the Ancient Emperor - Free Level 10 One-Shot for 4-6 players, Dive in Aztec Inspired Ruins!

Want a break from your main campaign? CURSE OF THE ANCIENT EMPEROR is a Free, level 10 One-Shot for 4–6 players. Delve in ancient ruins, fight dinosaurs, solve puzzles and fight a forgotten evil in this old school dungeon dive.

I’m very happy to share this with all of you. A classic dungeon crawl adventure, full of dinosaurs traps, curses, and other delicacies that you'd expect to find in an ancient forgotten island. This adventure is for level 10 adventurers ideally.

This adventure is a super fun break. Let's say that your players discovered a new island and you're not sure what to fill it with, or you needing some filler and padding time for your campaign, to get your next arc ready, or simply as a straight forward one-shot to throw at your players, this adventure works in all these cases!

I also released an extended adventure, with extra maps, additional floors to the dungeon, unique tokens for each monsters to use in your VTT of choice, new monsters, a detailed look at the ancient curse, unique loot, more fights and of course more violence. You can grab it by clicking here !

Take care !

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P Hengels
P Hengels
05 Mar 2022

Is there any way to download the free adventure so I can print it off or read it a bit easier?

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