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D&D 5e Huatka Half-Orcs - An Insular Tribe Bearing Arcane Tattoos [Echoes of Extinction]

Hello good hunter,

Today a variation on the half-orcs. With this tome, I’m going back in history, and in so doing creating primal versions of the races that we all know and love.

Inspired by old prehistoric tribes (the art was the closest I could get delving into the archives of MtG) they are community driven, which is reflected in their abilities.

They also get a cool semi-progression system with their tattoos which unlock more power as they level up.

Take Care!

Evan | MonkeyDM

P.S. For more primal races, check out "Echoes of Extinction" on my Patreon!

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Race)

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