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D&D 5e Leechdepth Abomination -The Monstrosity That'll Make Your Players Wish They'd Stayed on Land

Hello sailors,

Introducing the Leechdepth Abomination, the sea's answer to your players thinking they're safe on water.

Imagine an ogre-like beast fused with rotting ship planks, sea monsters, and artillery. This grotesque marvel of necromancy and maritime horror doesn't just walk; it shoots cannons, devours enemies, and strikes fear into the bravest of hearts.

Its stench is so revolting it can incapacitate foes, turning the tide of battle before a sword is even swung. This isn't just a creature; it's a walking, talking environmental hazard with a hunger for flesh.

If you're tired of your party saying "it's just another zombie," give them a taste of them Leechdepth and watch them rethink their life choices (or watch them melt it with everything they got, as long as they have fun haha)

Take Care!

Evan | MonkeyDM

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Monster)

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