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D&D 5e Race: Bloodflow Elf - A Life Extended at a Bloody Cost [Dread Tides]

Hello sailors!

Meet the Bloodflow Elves, elven beauty with a vampire's curse.

Forced by the gods to bathe in blood for longevity, these morally ambiguous beings add a new layer of dark complexity to your game.

Gifted but cursed, their traits make them perfect for those who crave high stakes and moral dilemmas, and are not afraid of death (that penalty to CON is a deadly one)

Choose Bloodflow Elves if you wish to explore themes of sacrifice and immortality.


Evan | MonkeyDM

P.S: One of the conditions to their eternal life is to bathe in blood, discuss with your DM what that would entail exactly, and what the consequences of refusing to partake in the gory ritual can cause (exhaustion mechanics can come into play here).

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Race)

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