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D&D 5e Race: Sugaris - Fear the Gingerbread Man [Dread Tides]


A bit of a tone change to finish the Dread Tides.

Ready to add a sprinkle of mischief and a dash of deliciousness to your campaign?

Introducing the Sugaris – the candy-like denizens of Candy Island that are as tantalizing to the eye as they are treacherous in nature.

Imagine a goblin, but instead of grimy skin and a scowl, it's made of gumdrops.

Or perhaps a regal lizard, crafted purely from licorice strands. But don't be fooled; these sugar-coated beings are more than just treats for the eyes.

  • Constitution as solid as a rock candy? Check.

  • Poison an enemy just by being too darn sweet? Oh, absolutely.

  • Divide and conquer with a variety of candy subraces? Why, of course!

The Sugaris race will surely add a whole new flavor to your gameplay.

Alright done with the puns!


Evan | MonkeyDM

P.S: Find the remaining subrace, and even more races on my Patreon

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Race)

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