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D&D 5e Warlock: Candy Island Subclass - The Sweetest Dark Deal [Dread Tides]

Hey everyone,

Introducing the Candy Island Warlock subclass, because not everything in the High Seas is a nightmare.

Candy Island Warlocks mix sugar highs with arcane might, offering a twist to your average doom-and-gloom warlock (not that those aren’t fun).

Picture yourself devouring any healing, and you’ll get a good grasp of the subclass. It's not just about sweetness; it's about the tactical advantage of Sugar Rush—a burst of adrenaline-fueled speed and agility (something that most toddlers seem to be expert at…) every time you get magically healed.

If you're tired of the eldritch horror and want to add a sprinkle of sugar on top of your dark pacts, this subclass is for you. Perfect for warlocks who want to offer their party something different, something a little sweet and a little powerful.

Take Care!

Evan | MonkeyDM

Balance Consideration: This subclass is balanced around GMs using the recommended number of short rests as per the DMG. If you find the Sugarcoat ability too strong for your games, because characters rarely use their short rests you can stipulate the following: a character can use a maximum number of dice equal to their Charisma modifier whenever they use Sugarcoat.

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Warlock)

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