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D&D 5eSpells Faerie and Duelist's blessings - Turn your character into a fierce, unstoppable warrior

In an effort to make more spells for sword & sorcery type characters, I've created 2 new spells: The 'Faerie's Blessing' spell is a versatile spell that allows the caster to imbue their weapon with fey energy, causing it to fly through the air and attack enemies at a distance. This spell is ideal for melee characters with poor ranged options (*cough* Barbarians *cough*).

The 'Duelist's Blessing' spell is a protective spell that infuses the caster's blade with divine energy, turning them into, well… a duelist. This spell is ideal for characters who want to increase their survivability in battle and don't often use their reaction. Together, these spells make for a formidable combination on the battlefield - and make for happy bards, because they get new cool spells.

I actually created 4 spells total for gish characters, you can find the rest on my Patreon.

Take Care!

Evan | MonkeyDM

(Dungeons and Dragons 5e Spells)

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