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Dark Alleys of Runehalt - A massive Steampunk Supplement for DnD 5e

Hello everyone !

It’s super happy to be able to present to you Dark Alleys of Runehalt!

Inside, you’ll find 8 subclasses + 7 invocations for warlocks, 10 races and sub races, 11 new magic items with 5 evolving weapons, 20 new monsters, more than 25 new spells, 3 unique feats, gorgeous art, and pages upon pages of new content for 5e!

In addition, included are 4 adventures taking place in Runehalt for an additional 48 pages of content

After a lot of playtesting and revisions it is now ready to be published, and can fit in pretty much any setting. It’s a grab bag of steampunk and dark things - For players and DMs want to delve into mechanical and darker options for their games.

It includes revisions to popular subclasses such as the Gearshifter Fighter, as well as never seen before subclasses, such as the Way of the Karmic Killer Monk. New versions of beloved monsters such as Bahal the Great serpent, acclaimed races such as the Cyborg are part of the package too !

If you’re wanting the FULL PDF Version, you can click HERE to get it on Patreon. (You’ll also get access to over 30+ adventures to try out all the new stuff !)

You can also buy it directly from the Store HERE

If you’d like to check out the free abridged version, which contains some of the main elements of the Compendium, and 1 free adventure, then check below!

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