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D&D 5e Monster - The 3rd Commandment - Bring Eternal Rest to those Poor Unfortunate Souls

The 10 Commandments are all slowly taking life as D&D Monsters.

These monsters act as buffs, meaning that on their own, they won't be that deadly, except the 1st commandment perhaps, but when they take possession of another creature, it becomes scary.

This one was very fun to create, as it has some very solid defensive options, by rendering everyone apathetic, incapacitating players so it can drain their life away. Resting is often a good idea, not when it is in the middle of the battlefield though.

For radiant strikes, it’s a melee weapon attack made using charisma, i simply envision it as radiant feathers extending from the wings and striking creatures.

Let me specify that the 10 commandments as monsters will be based on the Catholic Version of the 10 commandments. I know they differ in which number represents what from religion to religion.

If you want an example of a Commandment that has possessed a sanctified dragonknight, I created such a monster, and it’s on Patreon, along 400 pages of content for D&D.

Take Care !

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