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Free D&D 5e Adventure - Prison Break Insanity!

Prison Break Insanity is a Fifth Edition adventure optimised for three to six characters of 5th level. Full of clockwork monsters, chase sequences and an intense dungeon crawl, culminating in an epic boss battle atop the prison!

Part of Dark Alleys of Runehalt!

This is a challenging adventure, that will test the resourcefulness of your players. Full of steampunk vibes, with a new clockwork monsters specifically created for the adventure (the jailors, and all their variations), and all the things you'd expect to find in an antimagic prison. This adventure is for level 5 adventurers ideally, and can be used perfectly to take a break from a main campaign, or as side quest to an existing world, or to run if your players got themselves captured.

This adventure is a unique experience. Although it has some lighter tones, you are still sentenced to death in a supposedly unbreakable prison. You'll travel deep within the bowels of the Clockwork Conservatory to fight your way to freedom. It offers some never-seen before encounters, with a roster of brand new monsters!


The Clockwork Conservatory is a gigantic prison-laboratory hybrid, which expands high into the sky, with 9 levels and ever-changing hallways designed to shift their layout every few hours. To the general public, this location is but a prison. But to those more knowledgeable, they know it to also be the place where experiments of extremely deadly nature take place, sometimes on the very prisoners who find themselves locked up. The wardens? Humanoids who have been deprived of their humanity and turned into Jailors, lawful keepers of the Conservatory's knowledge.

Regardless of why you are imprisoned, be it murder, theft, or you being framed, one thing is sure, you have been sent to jail, rightfully or not. You do know one dramatic piece of information, you've been scheduled to be executed next week. Now is the time to act if you wish to see another day.

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14 авг. 2021 г.

There were six of my players going up against the Shield Guardian, and the Slow spell stored in it made the fight boring, nearly putting my players to sleep with how little they were able to do. If you run this, I suggest replacing Slow with a different AOE spell.

Nick Gollihugh
Nick Gollihugh
07 июл. 2023 г.
Ответ пользователю

Yeah I had that happen with a Mummy Lord Hold Person spell once. All of my players rolled horribly, and they went like 3 rounds without a turn. The cleric finally saved on the third round, then dispelleded magic on the 4th round, and they dipped tf out of there then came back later. I had expected them to steam roll him tbh, they were level 12, and I usually do 1.5 CR for bosses, but Mummy Lords are OP if you upcast hold person. They came back and kicked its ass at level 14 though


jeff helga
jeff helga
25 июл. 2021 г.

how long does this take?

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