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Guide to the Abyssal Depths - A Massive Aquatic Supplement for DnD 5e

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

(New Monsters, Subclasses, Races, Spells, Feats & more!)

Hello everyone !

Inside, you’ll find 35 new monsters, 12 subclasses, 11 races and sub races, 37 new magic items and tattoos, more than 28 new spells and feats, new underwater rules, gorgeous art and pages upon pages of new content for 5e!

We’ve playtested it a bunch, and it is now ready to be published! It can fit in the majority of settings, as long the ocean or the sea exists in your world. It contains and ton of aquatic options - For players and DMs want to delve underneath the waves in their games, or wish to sail above them!

It includes revisions to popular subclasses such as the Oath of the Abyss Watcher , as well as never seen before subclasses, such as the Circle of the Depths Druid. New versions of beloved monsters such as the Faceless, acclaimed races such as the Bloodline of the Deeep One Tielfings are part of the package too !


If you’re wanting the FULL PDF Version, you can click HERE to get it on Patreon. (You’ll also get access to over 40+ adventures to try out all the new stuff !)

You can also buy it directly from the Store HERE


If you’d like to check out the Free Abridged Version, which contains the main elements of the Compendium, then look below!

(Click the top right corner to download) #compendium

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