Horrors of the Blighted Woods - A Massive Corrupted Supplement for DnD 5e

(New Monsters, Subclasses, Races, Spells, Feats & more!)

Hello everyone !

It's super happy to be able to present to you the Horrors of the Blighted Woods!

Inside, you'll find 17 new monsters, 8 races and sub races, 10 new magic items, more than 28 new spells and feats, 6 subclasses, with new fighting styles, warlock invocations, class features, a unique region to explore, gorgeous art and pages upon pages of new content for 5e!

We've playtested it a lot, and it is now ready to be published! It can fits in the majority of settings, as long the forests or jungles exists in your world, with an emphasis on darkness and corruption. It contains tons of magnificent primeval options - For players and DMs want to delve deep into the groves of the world in their games!