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Legendary D&D 5e Monster: Haunted Stagecoach - This ride may be your last… [Cowboys From Hell]

Hello everyone, Introducing the Haunted Stagecoach, a unique addition for Far West adventures.

This aberration was inspired by macabre folklore. It entices travelers with promises of passage, only to consume their souls and leave empty husks behind.

Those who manage to escape it will be plagued with nightmares, if they manage to survive the spectral onslaught that will pursue that is.

Do not hesitate to let your players know that they can retreat, because this monster will keep on summoning aid if not stopped quickly, and soon the wave of undead becomes unstoppable (having experienced it firsthand I can attest to this).

Enjoy! Evan | MonkeyDM

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Monster)

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