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Lightning Golem - Electricity Given a Body in D&D 5e

Hello everyone,

Here is a fun little golem that zaps around the battlefield before punching players. It’s meant to be a bit of a stronger CR than a regular flesh golem for example, but it can offer a cinematic feeling. Seeing a creature vanishing in a blue light before reappearing behind you.

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Take care!

Lightning Golem

These golems are the product of the latest advancement in magical research. Chunks of armor infused with the raw power of lightning. These golems can be terrifying, they are usually sent out on nights of thunderstorms, where they are hard to miss, as all bolts of lightning seem to always hit them. Yet instead of damaging them, the lightning makes them phase in and out of existence, and move faster towards their goal. Much like other golems, they are neither good nor bad, as they are completely under the influence of their creator, making them perfect tools for war. There are legends of a lightning golem that became sentient, but no one has been able to confirm that story.

GM Note:

If you want to make this monster more fearsome, you can give it a 10 movement speed, and an ability that reads as follow:

Lightning Step: The golem can expend 5 feet of movement on its turn to teleport up to 30 feet to an empty space that it can see instead.

This allows the creature to make 2 teleports per turn and surprise players by re-appearing behind them.

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