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Margit the Fell Omen - D&D 5e Elden Ring Homebrew Monster

Updated: May 6, 2022

This guy killed me a lot, like a lot, probably died over 100 times before beating him because I was too stubborn to level up.

So I decided to inflict the same pain upon my players and turned him into a D&D monster.

So I made him “only” CR 8, because he is an early game boss after all.

I had to create his rapid sword slashes, cane strikes, delayed impalement, jump attack the full phase 2 with his new shiny hammer. Due to the number of attacks he possesses each attack doesn’t do a ton of damage individually, but all together you’re in for a good spanking.

I also gave Saving throws to a couple of his attacks, to reflect the fact that you need to dodge roll them.

PS: I created a free guide to help you create more memorable boss fights in your games, with example monsters, strategies and actionable tips to quickly improve your sessions. My goal is for everyone to have kickass DnD sessions! You can get it here

Take Care!

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