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Mini DnD Adventure - Sunken Treasure

High level Underwater Encounter for DnD 5e

Hello everyone, Monkey here.

Today an adventure “under the sea”, where you have to steal a treasure from a freaking Kraken !

This adventure starts off as players encounter a rich noble in quest for treasure. Not any treasure, but one guarded by a leviathan. A terror so powerful no one has ever survived it. Accompanied by a bright and cheerful NPC the players embark on a unique journey filled with anguish and greed.

It involves multiple puzzles, and a lot of tension, as the timer is ticking down on you.

Be quick, lest you be caught by death.

Patreon members get access to the full level 19 adventure, which involves a lot more than a treasure hunt. It contains additional maps and monsters, as well as multiple encounters and colorful NPCs to enthrall your payers with. Get it Here on Patreon.

You can also get the full adventure on Roll20 here

Enjoy the encounter & Take Care !

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