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Ooze Madness: A DnD 5e Monster Compendium Full of Slimes! Yuck!

So I was writing an adventure that takes players through slime and corrosion, created by a maddened cult, and had to create new monsters for it, so here are all of them compiled!

Now regarding the adventure itself, it’s level 10, full of oozes, traps, insane cultists, and one bubbling boss fight!

Here is the hook:

For a little while, the nearby lands have been corrupted by plague and sickness and no one has been able to guess why. Due to the work of powerful adventurers and the help of trustworthy contributors, a cure to the plagues and illnesses have been found, but it is hard to produce and not many have access to it. Now, an informant has come out of the dark, saying he knows the true source of the problem. And he will aid you if you come meet him.

If you want to grab the full 13 page adventure, you can grab it on Patreon and get over 450 pages of D&D Content !


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