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Rogue Subclass: The Magpie - Add a touch of druid to your rogue in D&D 5e

Hello everyone, monkey here,

This rogue subclass would be an equivalent to the arcane trickster, but on the druid end of things, instead of wizard. Which is a fun thing to do in DnD.

Perfect for adding a druid touch to your rogue, shapeshift into an animal and jump on your unaware foes.


Talking about wizard, I released a Witch Subclass for Wizards yesterday on Patreon, if you wanna check it out.

Quick Note: Only starting at 17th level, by casting shillelagh on your natural weapons, can you inflict your sneak attack damage while wildshaped, since sneak attack requires a finesse weapon.

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Bilinmeyen üye
11 Eki 2021

How do you add this to a chara sheet?

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