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Secrets of Gravity Magic - A DnD 5e Compendium full of options to unleash the power of gravity!

11 subclasses, 24 new spells, 6 subraces and more !

Hello everyone!

About a year ago I released a compendium of gravity, and this year I’ve decided to revisit it, modify some old options and create plenty of new ones.

This abridged version of it contains about half of the final product, still plenty of options if you want to have fun and zip around the battlefield and crush your enemies. I’ve revised spells and options that were pretty popular, play-tested and refined it, and added some great art to finish the product.

If you want the Full Expanded Version: CLICK HERE to get it on my Patreon ( which will also grant you access to tons of other player options, compendiums and full adventures to try the new stuff !) CLICK HERE to buy directly through the website.

Thank you all so much for your support!


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