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D&D 5e Sorcerer: Blackbeard Bloodline - Blast Your Enemies to Davy Jones' Locker! [Dread Tides]

Hello everyone,

Ever dreamed of blending the arcane arts with the volatile and chaotic life of a pirate? Yearning for a subclass that truly wreaks havoc in the best pirate-y way? Say hello to the Sorcerer Blackbeard Bloodline!

This isn't your run-of-the-mill Sorcerer subclass; this is a one-way ticket to explosive mayhem and nautical nightmares for your foes.

Just picture this: you're standing on the deck, surrounded by nefarious cutthroats. You snap your fingers and—BOOM!—explosive barrels appear out of thin air, sending your enemies sky-high.

At higher levels, summon an actual ghost ship—fully loaded and ready to unleash its cannon barrage on your pitiful enemies. Few things feel more fun than commanding your own spectral warship to blow your foes to smithereens.

Time to set sail for glory!

Evan | MonkeyDM

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Subclass)

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Miles Dunscombe
Miles Dunscombe
Dec 09, 2023

this seems cool I was gonna use pact of the trigger to try emulate blackbeard for an upcoming campaign but this might be better


Sep 22, 2023

I think this is missing a page or 2

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