Sorcerer: Vampiric Bloodline - Play As Alucard in D&D 5e

There's never enough blood!

Hello everyone! The holidays have slowed me down a bit, but I'm still hard at work for the Tome of Twilight, which will be filled with all types of darkness and radiant-themed stuff. It's looking quite spiffy and should reach you in the next year. Until then, I hope this subclass is up your alley!

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You were bitten by vampires, which reign supreme under the veil of twilight. Yet, you didn’t become a thrall, perhaps by sheer force of will, or by some cruel plan from your « benefactor », instead you gained wicked vampiric powers.

Vampiric Spells

Starting at 1st level, you learn additional spells when you reach certain levels in this class, as shown on the Vampiric Spells table. Each of these spells counts as a sorcerer spell for you, but it doesn't count against the number of sorcerer spells you know.