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Soul Devourer - Free level 18 adventure.

Will You Sell Your Soul for Power ?

Soul Devourer is a DnD 5e adventure optimised for three to six characters of 18th level. Full of devils, blood, gold, and one pissed off soul contractor.

Now is a time for celebration, family and banding together to raid the armies of Hell. Vicious NPCs, unique puzzles, terrifying monsters and phantasmagoric loot meet in this adventure. You'll find pages upon pages of pure Adventuring Goodness, full of possibilities and tension, this adventure will delight your players. On top of that it's a high level adventure, which many don't get to play often, perfect for trying those builds you've been dreaming of. It can be adapted to fit any campaign, so long as hell exist in your setting !


While the adventurers are calmly moving throughout town, they get approached by a particularly weird-looking, young man. He looks incredibly rich, dressed in expansive robes and plenty of golden jewelry matching the attire. His beautiful blue eyes and long blone hair would make for an incredibly beautiful face, and yet he looks very sleepless and stressed. He asks them if they are adventurers and mentions that he is DEEPLY in need of help.

Someone had the smart idea of selling their soul for power, and no way of getting it back. You'll travel through earth to reach the gates of hell, before fighting the hordes of hell, and facing vicious foes that won't hesitate to try and rip your soul apart. Will you save the innocent ? Will you die heroically ? Or will you side with hell ?

I released an extended adventure, with extra maps, new monsters, unique loot, more of hell’s army, new rooms and NPCs for you adventuring pleasure !

You can grab it by clicking here ! (On Patreon)

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