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The 10 Plagues - A compendium converting the Plagues of Egypt into D&D Monsters

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Hello everyone !

I’m super happy to be able to present to you the 10 Plagues.

Inside, you’ll find all 10 Plagues with their lair actions and regional effects, 2 new subclasses (Royal blood sorcerer and Oath of the Righteous Hunt paladin), 3 new magic items to fight the threat, 4 titles to award your players with, as well as plot hooks and campaign tips to include the plagues seamlessly in your campaign, all illustrated of course, for pages upon pages of new content for 5e!

Regarding the free release, I’m releasing for free 8 of the 10 plague’s stat blocks with the art, for you to inflict some pain at your table, as well as the sorcerer subclass, plots hooks, 1 weapon and 2 titles. Clearly don’t put your level 1 party against them, unless you really hate them.

Now for my shameless plug, if you want to grab the Full expended compendium, meaning that you’ll get access to not only the stats, but also the lair actions, regional effects, lore on each Plague, as well as everything else described above (37 pages) + downloadable art, you can get the full version here on my Patreon.

I invite you to give any feedback you have or submit any questions you’d like to ask – this wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

- Monkey

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