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The Counsellor - A Mind Controlling Monster for DnD 5e.

Your mind is not your own 🧠

A little bit of eldritch horror in our D&D games because who doesn't like that. This allows you to have players commit complete atrocities and not remember any of it.

It can lead to fun scenarios where villagers are terrified of the players, but the players have no idea why.

If you want the full lore on the monster, you can get it on my Patreon. (As well as 400 pages of content for 5e)

Take care !

As a bonus here is their pet. This monster is created by the counsellor, an aberration that takes human form, and makes its way up the chain of command before controlling an entire kingdom.

As you can imagine they use these “pets” to exert control over a great number of individuals.

It can lead to some fun scenarios:

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