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Pull off the greatest heist of your adventuring career! THE GREAT HEIST is a Free D&D 5e adventure.

level 15 One-Shot for 4–6 players full of treasure, blood, gold, and one pissed off law enforcer.

Hello everyone, Monkey here,

When I wrote this adventure Christmas was upon us, and it was a time for celebration, family and banding together to rob senselessly. Rich nobles, anger officers, terrifying monsters and loot meet in this adventure.

I’m very happy to share this with all of you. 8 pages of pure Adventuring Goodness, full of possibilities and tension, this adventure will delight your players. On top of that it’s a high level adventure, which many don’t get to play often, perfect for trying that perfect rogue character you’ve been dreaming of ;)

I also released an extended adventure, with never seen before maps, monsters, traps and loot, brimming with new rooms and boss fights for you adventuring pleasure ! You can grab it by clicking here !

Or on Roll20 here or ForgeVTT here (Foundry Ready)

Take care!

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Title says its free but I cant find any way to download it without paying. Not that $4 is expensive but... you know... it DOES say free.

Jun 13, 2021
Replying to

Click on the arrow on the top right corner of the document :)

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