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The Hunter From Beyond - An Assassin sent from the Far Realms by Elder Gods

New Monster for D&D 5e

There is no stopping lovecraft type creatures in DnD, and this one is a fun one. It’s another ambusher type of monster (been doing a lot of these lately), with more of a focus on striking and vanishing.

It has a clear weak point that can be targeted to cripple many of its abilities. You can also leave the mask alone, to obtain it when you defeat the creature. It’s a fun magic item, with its own unique curse. Lovecraftian Gods aren’t known to be kind after all.

The stats for the Whispering Mask are on Patreon, alongside 350+ pages of content for D&D 5e. You’ll get first access to the Fey-tastic Compendium when it releases.

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