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Wondrous Warmachine Workshop is a FREE 1-on-1 adventure to introduce a Friend or SO to D&D 5e

Set in a dystopian fantasy world (similar to Eberron), it has all the elements of a D&D adventure, perfect to introduce a new player or two to the game, with clear indications for DMs.

This is a roleplay and explorative adventure, that will unveil the social abilities and combat prowess of your player. It's full with new monsters specifically created for the adventure to engage your player maximally and hopefully get them to come back and play more D&D!

Armed with good intentions, the hero makes their way towards an automaton workshop, where they will unveil a cruel plan that is perhaps more than they could have imagined. Journeying through barren landscape, lush forests and forgotten lairs the hero will have to prove their bravery in this epic quest, where they'll encounter friends and foes alike, in a unique rescue mission.

This adventure can be used perfectly to take a break from a main campaign, or as side quest to an existing world, perhaps when some players are missing for a session.

We also released the adventure on Roll20, with unique tokens, dynamic lighting setup, and maps and monsters ready with macros.

(Click the arrow on the top right corner to download the PDF)

Take Care!

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Mateus Stock
Mateus Stock
Jan 28, 2022

Where can I find the PDF version? I bought the one in, but I would prefer like the image in this post, but I would prefer like the image in this post.

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