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What Lurks Below - A Free D&D Adventure full of darkness, spiders, traps and one angry Queen

Careful explorer, you might never come back…

Hello everyone, Monkey here.

What Lurks Below is a Fifth Edition adventure optimised for three to six characters of 16th level.

You are renowned adventurers, mighty heroes of the Realm, and the Realm needs your help. Inside this adventure you'll find yourselves exploring forbidden caves and fighting terrifying foes. This adventures has pages pure adventuring Goodness, full of tension, with death awaiting you at every corner.

On top of that it's a high level adventure, which many don't get to play often, perfect for trying that perfect indiana jones character you've been dreaming of (might want to take the lucky feat just in case). It can be adapted to fit into any campaign, so long as drows exist in your setting !

We also released an extended adventure, with new maps by Czepeku, 2 new monsters (drider-mage and drider-defender), traps and loot, filled with new side quests for you adventuring pleasure !

Grab the Extended version of the Adventure on my Patreon here ! along with tons of other adventures and compendiums !

Grab the Roll20 Version Here, all set up for your game, with dynamic lighting and all.

And enjoy the free version below !

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