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Sail Across the Ocean and Plunder Unfathomable Riches


Ocean of Greed is a Fifth Edition adventure optimised for three to six characters of 8th level. Full of treasure, blood, pirates, mobsters, and one angry Treasure Golem !


For this new year I have taken a good resolution, I’ll become a pirate. The sea, the plundering, the treasures, the law enforcers knocking on my door…. 
Change of plan.
I’ll be a pirate in D&D, seems more reasonable, and I’ll share the adventure with you !


This adventure starts off as a chance encounter for players, or could be launched because they heard a rumour about an old pirate. It will take them through crowds of angry mobsters and across the ocean, to gamble on a giant ship-casino. It can be adapted to fit any campaign, and works great as a side quest if you need more time to prep your main campaign, or need a reason to give gold to your players. It fits so long as illegal gambling and pirate ships exist in your world !




While in a port town, the players get approached on the street by an old hooded figure, who tells them to meet him in a nearby alley. Nothing shady about this. They'll then learn what it meant to be a pirate, and be taken on a revenge story that will teach a lesson to lawless newcomers. The promise of F U amounts of money awaits !




MonkeyDM built all of these features and benefits into the adventure:

  • Custom Cartography. CzePeku designed these maps from scratch, for an awesome experience.
  • Unique Monsters & Boss. Each creature has its custom stat block accessible in the PDF.
  • Professional Artwork. High quality and original artwork for you and your players to enjoy.
  • Epic setting. Thanks to its adaptable nature, this adventure fits into any setting, so long as forests are part of your world.


Quick Guide


System: DnD 5E
Starting Level: 8
Length: 3-5 hours

Ocean of Greed

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