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A compendium converting the Plagues of Egypt into DnD Monsters, including new subclasses, items, plots hooks, titles and more !

Inside, you’ll find:


- All 10 Plagues with their lair actions and regional effects,

- 2 new subclasses (Royal blood sorcerer and Oath of the Righteous Hunt paladin),

- 3 new magic items to fight the threat,

- 4 titles to award your players with,

- Plot hooks and campaign tips to include the plagues seamlessly in your campaign,

- All profesionally illustrated of course, for pages upon pages of new content for 5e!


(37 pages + downloadable art)


I invite you to give any feedback you have or submit any questions you’d like to ask – this wouldn’t have been possible without your support.



The 10 Plagues

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