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Unleash the Beast of the North !


A supplement for DnD 5e with pages upon pages of Subclasses, Monsters, Spells, Races, Feats.



Inside, you’ll find:


- 15 subclasses,

- 19 races and sub races,

- 8 new magic items, including magic tattoos,

- 13 new monsters,

- more than 35 new spells,

- 11 unique feats,

For pages upon pages of illustrated new content for 5e!


This has been playtested and revised, and it’s designed to fit in YOUR game world. That’s right – It’s inspired by the Norse tales - but it’s a grab bag of goodies that you can put in any of your games.


It includes revisions to popular subclasses such as the Oath of Storms Paladin and the Frost Wolf Fighter, as well as never seen before subclasses, such as the Oath of the Dawn or the College of the Hearth. New versions of beloved monsters such as Teddy’s Bear, notorious spells of Frost and Storm and acclaimed races such as the Jötunnkyn are part of the package too !

The Northern Lights Compendium

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