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The 10 Commandments ! - A Zealous Supplement for 5e turning all 10 of the Commandments into Monsters, with added subclasses, feats, spells and more!


Inside, you’ll find 20 new monsters (Including all 10 commandments), 2 celestial themed subclasses, 4 new magic items, more than 14 new spells, 5 unique feats,  featuring some of the best art I’ve ever used, in addition to a unique Adventure and pages upon pages of new content for 5e!


After a lot of playtesting and revisions it is now ready to be published, and can fit in pretty much any setting. It’s a grab bag of holy and zealous things - For players and DMs want to delve into more celestial or holy options for their games.


Most of these commandments are embodiments of law, meaning that they can be very easily used for good as well, as for evil. Each commandment has been given the power to possess heroes, turning them into even stronger creatures. I’ve added these stat blocks throughout.


(55 pages)

The Ten Commandments

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