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Are You Afraid of the Dark ?


The Tome of Vile Corruption - A supplement for 5e with pages upon pages of Subclasses, Monsters, Spells, Races, Feats and More !


Inside, you’ll find:


- 17 brand new subclasses, for all your vile needs.

The Pact of the Trigger for warlock and it’s 10 invocations. That's right, magical guns for your warlock ! 

- 14 races and sub races, to try out plenty of new characters.

- 7 unique magic items, all with a unique twist.

- 17 new monsters, to surprise and devastate players.

- More than 38 new spells, all more atrocious than the last.

- 7 unique feats based on the 7 Deadly Sins.

- Gorgeous art, and pages upon pages of new content for 5e!


After a lot of playtesting and revisions it is now ready to be published, and can fit in pretty much any setting. It’s a grab bag of evil and dark things - For players and DMs want to delve into darker options for their games.


It includes revisions to popular subclasses such as the Path of Thunderstorms barbarian and the recent College of Horror bard, as well as never seen before subclasses, such as the Spirit of Vengeance Warlock or the Circle of Hell Druid. New versions of beloved monsters such as The Royal Incinerator, notorious spells of Osteomancy and acclaimed races such as the Skeleton are part of the package too !



(68 pages)

The Tome of Vile Corruption

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