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Spring Mega Sale
Get 3 Dark Fantasy Compendiums for 5e
and never play a boring game again

For the Spring get access to 3 of the best selling digital
dark fantasy compendiums created by MonkeyDM for your 5e games, bundled into a once in lifetime $14.99 deal.

Get It Before It's Too Late!

Instead of $33.99

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Instead of $33.99

Get It Before It's Too Late


After the 8th of March, the content will become unaccessible
at such a price, and only accessible through the website, where each compendium can be purchased individually

For the Spring Sale, you get access to 3 compendiums,
chock full of dark fantasy options, created by MonkeyDM for
your 5e games, bundled into a single $14.99 offer.

The popular Vampire prestige class, College of Horrors Bard are part of the bundle, along many others fan favorites!

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By buying from MonkeyDM, you get access to a library of  Compendiums and Adventures approved by thousands of players and GMs all over the world. Get access to over 150 pages of content, today.

Instead of $33.99

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