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click here if you just want to get the Pact Boon

Discover the Pact of the Trigger, allowing Warlocks to Gun Down their Foes!

(Part of Steinhardt's Guide to the Eldritch Hunt)

Steinhardt's Guide will explore a new world, one inspired by the Soulsborne franchise and tainted by Lovecraftian Horror. To navigate this nightmare, powerful new tools have been given to hunters, this is one such tool.

Join the mailing list today to be notified on launch and get access to even more free content! Including the Oath of the Eldritch Hunt. These are paladins that absorb the powers of eldritch beings to further their own.


In addition by joining you'll also get a FREE moon themed D20 with any physical order. This offer is only viable before the Kickstarter goes live (on July 19th).

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