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Azrael, The 10th Plague - 5e Monster

Hello everyone, monkey here.

The last plague is here, Azrael, the angel of death. As per the scriptures this angel was sent by God to kill all the first-born of Egypt, sparing the houses of those who had covered their door with the blood of recently sacrificed muttons.

The story has been D&D-fied to fit into any setting, although the core idea of the plague is still there.

Once a favourite of the gods Azrael was hungry for power, and threatened the gods in their ascent. To punish him for his pride, he was imprisoned in a forgotten prison, never to see the light again. Azrael’s powers were stronger than his bindings however, and his powerful influence seeped throughout the land. He corrupted many, and from his hatred 9 apostles were born. These nine other Plagues coalesced towards his prison, before freeing him from his eternal punishment. On that day, the world ended.

Even the gods hid far away. Of the few that remained to fight, all were slain.

The Lachryma blade is necessary to deal any damage to it, it’s a Mcguffin. If you, as the GM, want to run the monster without it, you can simply remove his Chosen of the Gods ability.

A fitting last boss for the 10 plagues.

Now for the compendium itself, it should drop tomorrow, with all 10 plagues, their lair actions, regional effects, history and more. It will also include a few maps for the lairs, as well as plot hooks and campaign ideas to integrate the plagues seamlessly in your own world. Titles, subclasses, and unique items are also included in the mix to run the perfect plague related campaign.

If you want access to the all the Plagues released so far, with their expended lore, and a great deal of content for 5e, you can join us on Patreon, you’ll get access to more than 300 pages of content for D&D.

Take care !

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