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D&D 5 Items: The Sword of Storms & The Sword of Geysers - Unleash Elemental Havoc On Your Foes

Greetings, cutthroat adventurers and cunning storytellers!

Meet the Sword of Storms and the Sword of Geysers, the duo of mythical blades designed to bring elemental fury to your campaign, and allow martials to do a bit more than just swing their blade around.

The Sword of Storms doesn't just cut; it zaps your foes, you'll be leaving more than just scars; you'll be leaving burn marks! But let's say water is more your element. The Sword of Geysers erupts torrents of water so forceful they can knock enemies off their feet.

Ever wanted to duel an enemy on the edge of a cliff and send them plunging into the abyss with a water-powered uppercut? Now you can!


Evan | MonkeyDM

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Item)

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