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D&D 5e Background: Castaway - Not Just Surviving, But Thriving in Isolation [Dread Tides]

Let me introduce you to the Castaway background, perfect for characters who've endured soul-testing isolation and emerged wiser (or weirder) for it.

Picture this: Your character had a comfortable life aboard a ship until destiny said "Nope!" and wrecked it, leaving you alone in the wild.

The Castaway background equips your PC with skills and items perfect for life's harsh challenges, and even a pet rock for company!

So whether your character is a solitary soul speaking to their pet rock, or a simple survivor with a vendetta against those who marooned them, the Castaway background will add depth and a flair of rugged individualism. Get ready for some intense RP moments!

Design Note: The feature "One Eye Open" lets you sleep in armor, cover multiple night watches, and snap awake at a moment's notice (this part is left open to interpretation to the GM on purpose, you can choose to have it so you can’t be surprised, or simply an initiative bonus if you are awakened by a fight).

Take Care!

Evan | MonkeyDM

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Background)

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