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D&D 5e Background: Failed Revolutionary - Reignite the Spark of Revolution! [Compendium of Greed]

Hello everyone,

I made this background for fun during the time of the OGL madness, because I really didn’t think WotC would walk back their position. I am happy to have been proven wrong :)

The Failed Revolutionary background represents a character they were imprisoned for their beliefs, or simply faced setbacks in their quest for justice – or at least their idea of justice.

This background is for players who want to bring about the fall of the current regime, or perhaps simply fight for a fairer world, or perhaps even a world where they are the one in power.

I’d say that all D&D characters fight for what they believe in, it’s probably especially true if you pick this background.


Evan | MonkeyDM

P.S: An additional quirk you could have is that you spend your time reading from a tiny red book.

(Dungeons and Dragons 5e Background)

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