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D&D 5e Background: Pirate Legend - Turn Over a New Leaf...Or Don't [Dread Tides]

Hello everyone!

You used to be the Jack Sparrow of your world, sailing the high seas and building a legend. But now you're looking for something new.

Or are you?

The Pirate Legend background lets you keep one foot in your swashbuckling past while venturing into uncharted territory.


Evan | MonkeyDM

P.S: Want to flesh out your pirate backstory? Get the full subclasses and races of the Dread Tides on my Patreon

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Background)

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Dylan Javier
Dylan Javier
Sep 26, 2023

Wealth. Fame. Power. The man who had everything in this world... The Pirate King. The great treasure they left behind, One Piece has opened the curtain on a grand era! It is a time when eager pirates set sail, battle, and become great! The Great Age of Pirates! Words they spoke drove countless men out to sea. And so men set sights on the Grand Line, in pursuit of their dreams. The world has truly entered a Great Pirate Era!

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