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D&D 5e Monster: Skeletrex - When A T-rex meets a Necromancer [Echoes of Extinction]

Hello good hunter,

Skeleton + T-rex = this bad boy.

This unholy fusion brings together the implacable might of a tyrannosaurus rex skeleton and the dark magic of necromancy. Towering over puny mortals, energized by necrotic power, and driven by predatory hunger, the Skeletrex is a force of pure destruction.

With its colossal frame and appetite for carnage, the Skeletrex feels right at home bursting out amid the echoing crypts and dusty tombs of your campaign's darkest dungeons. What better way to remind your players that death comes for all, even legends of the prehistoric past?

Take Care!

Evan | MonkeyDM

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(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Monster)

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