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D&D 5e Spells: Blood Moon Curse & Void Blade - Darkness and Despair at the tip of your fingers

Ready to expand your magic with destructive essence?

Unveiling spells that weave the abyss's mysterious might:

  • Void Blade: Conjure a blade made from the pure void, and let it feast on the protection of your foes. Armor stands no chance; every strike diminishes its strength, and at your peak, vaporizes it! Meant as a big brother to shadow blade, you don’t get the advantage on attack rolls, but it helps out your entire party.

  • Blood Moon Curse: Unleash a curse that cripples the very essence of spellcasting. The higher you soar in power, the longer your enemies remain trapped under the blood moon's shadow.

These are spells intended for villains, but if your players tend towards Evil, they might consider them too.


Evan | MonkeyDM

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Spell)

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