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Dead Man's Noose & Blood Pool Portal: Villain D&D 5e Spells for Your Campaign [Dread Tides]

Avast ye, practitioners of the dark arcane and sea-bound scourges! It seems the ocean's depths hold more than sunken treasures— they also hide forbidden spells!

From the blood-soaked pages of the Dread Tides, I present a collection of cursed spells to add to your villain’s spellbook:

- Blood Pool Portal - Ever desired to emerge from the blood of your enemies? This spell lets you vanish into red mist, reappearing from a fresh blood pool. Perfect for those ambushes after boarding an enemy ship.

- Dead Man's Noose - By the treacherous souls of the hanged, conjure spectral gallows to ensnare foes. Let them know the vengeance of the betrayed.

The sea is vast, dark, and full of terrors (Game of thrones something something)

Fair winds and bloody tides,

Take Care! Evan | MonkeyDM

P.S: Hungry for more? Dive into their depths in Dread Tides on my Patreon. Knowledge is your best weapon!

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Spell)

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