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D&D 5e Necrotic Spells: Draining Smite & Kiss of Death

I was surprised to see that there is no kissing spells in D&D, which in a way makes sense, but then again the enchantment school of magic exists...

The horrors of the blighted woods compendium will soon release, and I wanted more evil spells in it, since it fits the theme so well.

Draining smite has both a save and half healing, because it deals good damage, and more healing than that would be too much.

Kiss of Death also does little damage, especially compared to 3rd level spells who do massive AoE damage, this one is single target, but it's still good when you take in consideration that on a fail you incapacitate a target for a full round. It's basically hypnotic pattern, at a single target and with damage.

Enjoy & Take Care!

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