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D&D 5e Poison Spells Mind-Bending Mist & Toxic Wave

Break their minds or their bodies with these poison spells.

Poison is another underrepresented source of damage in 5e, which makes sense given all the monsters which have resistance/immunity to it. So here is my attempt at creating more of them.

Mind bending mist I thought of making a sorcerer exclusive because of its extremely unsure nature, it's not magic that is controlled easily, but decided to add bards to the mix, because they are known to be able to mess with people's mind.

Toxic Wave is more straightforward, a high level poison AoE, which travels each turn and covers enemies in poison.

I created an additional 4 poison spells which you can get by Joining us on Patreon. you'll also get access to more than 600 pages of content for D&D.

Take Care!


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