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D&D 5e Race - Cyborgs, Transcend the limits of your mortal body

Still working on my latest Tome, Dark Alleys of Runehalt.

This time we are tackling humans (or other races), that have decided to transcend their limits, and become something more specialised and powerful.

Technically a character can begin the DnD campaign with this as their starting race, or, let's say the DM felt a bit murderous, and the player is on board, after a particularly gruesome attack that left them scarred, they can choose to change race and become cyborgs as part of their "healing process"

If you to access the 2 other subraces Cogclutch and Cyberstep, join us on Patreon if you want to get access to the PDF versions, you'll also get access to more than 450 pages of content for D&D. Compendiums, monsters, subclasses, spells, you name it

Take care !

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Cowboy bird
Cowboy bird
Oct 17, 2022

I’m going to ask my dm if I could play this race/avancements

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