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Feat: Blighted Blood - A Toxic Feat for D&D 5e

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

I'm working on a couple of subclasses that deal with poison, and one of the things that is easily seen in playtest is that so many enemies have immunity to being poisoned and either resistance or immunity to poison. This feat aims to help alleviate the weakness of poison in 5e, and make it more viable for builds that wish to specialize in it.

Take Care!

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Here's the feat:

Blighted Blood

The poison of the Blight flows in you. These virulent toxins have contaminated your blood, yet you survived. You are a plagued being that roams the land, you gain the following benefits.

- Your blood contains the powers of the Blight. Poison damage you deal ignores resistance to poison damage.

- Creatures you target with spells or abilities are not immune to being diseased or poisoned. Instead, a creature that is immune to disease or poison makes a saving throw against your effect with advantage.


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